Pamper Me Fashion Friday

Hi Dolls and Gents,

Happy Fashion Friday!! Lets knock this Friday out so we can get our weekend started.

How man of us ladies love to be pampered? I know I do...and guys I bet you do too!!! Having your nails and toes done can always complete a look.

Yesterday I finally caught up with Kay, a nail technician in the Charlotte area that's actually from my home town. I was excited to head over to Noda Nail Salon and get pampered. The atmosphere was amazing, the staff was super friendly, and we had tons of laughs... (and it's like doors down from Amelie's, if you live in Charlotte and have no idea what I'm talking about .... GOOGLE IT!!!). My experience and nails came out awesome...Check them out!

I decided to go with a "Tiffany Blue" for my nails and a cute little design, something funky for the weekend. It turned out perfect.

I was also able to get a few questions in and learn a little about how Kay got started and an awesome experience she recently had.

How long have you been a nail technician and when did you realize this was your passion?

I became a Licensed Nail Tech first in SS back in 2001, and I became licensed here in Charlotte in 2010. I knew it was my passion when I was a teenager. Ive always been creative, and Ive always loved nail polish. And as the market for nail care products keeps increasing, such as nail wraps and gel polish, my passion increases also.

What are some healthy nail tips you would suggest that can be done at home?

Put a few drops of your favorite oil, such as olive, coconut, or cuticle oils, in your hand lotion. With the weather changing, your hands and your cuticles are more like to be very dry. The lotion combined with the oil is a very good protective barrier. 
Also, always keep some form of nourishment on your natural nails. Meaning, even if you don't wear polish, keep clear polish on the nails such Opi's Nail Envy or Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails. Supplements such as Hair, Skin, Nails or Biotin is good for nails that won't grow or weak nails.   
Tell us a little about your Fashion Week experience doing manicures for the celebrities sounds like an awesome experience.
It was! I was in NY for a week, and I did nails at least two shows everyday, including Tom Coppens, Elle Magazine,  and Vera Wang. I was, and still am represented by celebrity manicurist, Myrdith Leon McCormick of M2M DaMorejon. I met a lot of celebrities, and they all were really down to earth, and wanted really simple nail colors such as shades of nude or plums.

Kay is super creative and passionate about her craft...

Twitter: @PortablePolish
Instagram: @KayDesignsNails

You guys know how I feel about leopard, gosh I cant wait to go back.

I do a lot of home manicures but I love to go get pampered every once and a while but I'm no where near as talented as Kay.

Make sure you guys head over to Noda Nail Salon and tell them MelissaChanel sent you.


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