Male Monday.... Featuring Trell Thomas

Hi Dolls and Gents, 

Well I have the Monday blues...I don't know about you guys. But knowing that we're on the way to another Friday makes me smile...LOL! Today is MALE MONDAY.... WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Today I won't be telling you about what I think is "IN" right now or what I think every male should have in his closet because sometime you just need that MAN's point of view. Sooooooo why not feature a very creative and fashionable man that I've known for over 10 years...

He goes by the name of Trell and lives in the DC area. I love Trell's style and eye for fashion and could not wait to get him up on the blog. Okay enough of me talking, lets get to Trell's stye......

Describe your style? 

I like to think of my style as Simple and Classic with a modern twist. This sounds weird but here it is explained. I've never been overly flashy and was often the guy with a polo, some jeans and sperrys on in highschool. In anything, I believe that less is inevitably more, fashion is no different. The simplier you are the more clean and polished you come across. I say Classic because I love vintage and "older" looks I have often been told that I have an old soul and am "beyond my years" so I think that it makes sense that I'm right at home searching for treasure in thrift store bends and the fact is, more often than not...I find that treasure. (The tie and the bag in my modern/classic look and the shoes in the look with the cognac blazer...all under 10 dollars!) The modern twist comes from me wanting to keep in touch with my youth and create my own style, this can be done by simply by "spicing it up" add a color blazer, a fashionable shoe, but accessories and colors are the best way to modernize your outfit. You can also do this by "rolling your sleeve, cuffing pants leg etc, adding a pocket square"

One piece every male should have in his closet for the fall?

I think that for this fall a must have item in your fall closet is a earth tone color blazer. Color does amazing things for any outfit and a nice colored blazer can take you from day to night in a cool way as well as add a little personality to any look. Fall is full of nice colors, why not add one to your look?

Photo Credits: Sarah Baker

Are you loving Trell's style? And what about his thrift store finds? All those pieces for under 10 dollars...I'm sure JELS and LOVING!!!!