HOODIE VOTE ~ Fashion Friday

Hi Dolls and Gents,

We've made it....it's FRIDAY!!!! Hope you guys have some FUN things plan for the weekend. I will be relaxing and catching up on some work and lounging in my pj's ALL DAY! I CAN NOT WAIT!

Today's Fashion Friday is a little different. It's not about my latest fashion find or an outfit that I can't get enough of but a simple "HOODIE" that means a thousand words. If you follow me on instagram you saw where I posted a photo of myself wearing the HOODIE VOTE hooded sweatshirt below and may have wondered...Whats that all about!?

My very best friend is apart of this MOVEMENT...a movement to change this election and show that we care about our youth and our community and also remember the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.

Here's a little background info:

The MOVEMENT: HOODIE VOTE is not a sweatshirt company – it’s a grassroots movement of people from every race, age, and community that says: We remember Trayvon Martin. We care about our youth and our communities. We will VOTE IN OUR HOODIES to show our strength in numbers this fall and beyond. We want to let people know that we are not robbing, stealing, killing, being violent in our hoodies, we are actually making a difference in our hoodies, changing lives! 
 The GOAL:
  • We want 1 MILLION “HOODIE VOTEHOODIES – worn in every community this fall.
  • We want 1 MILLION EDUCATED FIRST-TIME VOTERS – register and vote in hoodies.
  • We want 1 MILLION PHOTOS – register and vote in hoodies – post on HoodieVote.com.
  • We want to make a difference using our actions to send a positive message and change the view of civic engagement and to rid it of limitations based on ANY unjust judgment.

Are you fired up about this movement as much as I am? Want to get involved? Here's how...

1. WEAR your “Hoodie Votehoodie. Be visible! Buy one here right now, buy a box and sell them at your school or a summer festival, OR MAKE YOUR OWN!! Our goal is one million Hoodie Vote hoodies, t-shirts and gear worn in every community in America by this Fall. Spread the word.

2. TAKE PHOTOS in your hoodie, register voters in your hoodie. Make Hoodie Vote your profile pic. If you send in a photo of at least ten people voting in hoodies, we’ll send you a free hoodie and you will qualify to win other prizes.

3. VOTE in your hoodie. Be an educated voter –not just for President, but also state and local issues and politicians like the ones who passed the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida. Our goal is one million new and educated voters wearing hoodies to vote.

Price:  $20 (with a special organizer discount - 7 Hoodies for $100)

Like Hoodie Vote on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HoodieVote
Follow Hoodie Vote on Twitter: @Hoodie_Vote

Stand your ground this election by joining hoodie vote. Wear your hoodie and “Be the change”! #HoodieVote

So get your HOODIE today and spread the word... 

For inquiries email hoodievote@gmail.com