Happy Friday!!!!! If you haven't noticed by now Friday is my FAV day of the week, the start of a weekend, I LOVE IT!

I've found this new love for bow ties and I want to add them to my wardrobe ASAP!!!! I thought they were a "GUY THING" but now I feel that women look super HOT in them. Sooooooooooooo it's time for a bow tie take over, yes fellas I'm sorry but we're stealing them and might I add rocking them a tad bit better... LOL! My friend over at Artfully Frugal made me this awesome LEOPARD (yall know how I am about leopard) bow tie and I can't wait to rock it, maybe even this weekend. She's such an awesome artist and she's like a craft and DIY genius...make sure to check out her blog. And might I add, she rocks the HELL out of some bow ties, check her out.....

Usually when I'm ready to rock something new I browse the internet looking for inspiration and of course I found some women rocking bow ties like no other, which made me EXTRA HYPE! I know, I know women have been rocking bow ties for years but I just wasn't a fan back then... (Melissa shrug) but now yeah I'm all up on it and can't wait to style mine.

So yes I'm pretty much inspired, thinking of an outfit in my head as we speak.....LOL!

Are you guys feeling the BOW TIE WOMEN TAKEOVER? How would you style it?

Enjoy your weekend!!!!