Hi Dolls and Gents,

Can you smell the weekend or what?

I have a hair update!!! I posted pictures on instagram and twitter a few days ago of me getting fresh color. I went to my stylist Jessica over at Revolution Ego for the hook up! I'm in love with my fresh color, it's still the brownish blonde that I had before but had almost fully grown out. I have a nice new look for the fall and I'm super excited about it. Check it out....

Excuse my eyes in the second picture ...I have no idea what's going on with them..LOL!

Color Tip: When natural you have no chemicals in your hair so don't be afraid of a little color. I make sure to wash my hair once a week and a deep conditioner every month or sometimes twice a month. KEEP YOUR HAIR MOISTURIZED and you'll be just fine! I had a problem with breakage when I had a relaxer and color it was just too much for my hair but since I've been natural I haven't come across any problems with color. Every head of hair is different but I think you'll be fine!!!

It's okay to experiment, maybe you need a NEW ATTITUDE and I'm sure adding a little color will give it to always give me one! I left the salon with a wash and go....never actually wore my hair in a wash and go before. I loved the results!!!

Don't be afraid...GO GET YOU A NEW ATTITUDE!