Male Monday: Business and Personal

Hi Dolls and Gents,

I hope everyone had a great weekend...our countdown to another Friday begins NOW! LOL.

Today is MALE MONDAY....I'm starting this week off a little different. I've been having some male viewers asking me about when I was going to do some fashion tips for the guys, sooo here we are. One viewer threw out the name "MALE MONDAY" and I loved it!! I'm excited to have closet checks, outfits of the day's (from male readers), style tips, trends, fashion finds and more!

This first MALE MONDAY will be a CLOSET CHECK!

Every man should have two suits in his closet, a business suit and a personal suit. What's the difference you ask?

Business suit-  black, grey, or blue....specifically for meetings, interviews, and professional functions.
Personal suits- color and style can vary ....Church, weddings, and other social functions.

Why you might ask? Well what if Sunday you have on your business suit at a function and you spill something on it, but your interview is Monday at 7am? That's why you MUST HAVE TWO!

Make sure the fit is perfect to make you feel comfortable, even if you have to take the pants to get tailored.

So guys...GO NOW and do your closet check! Make sure you have at least 2 and personal, if you do not make it your next purchase when it's time to go shopping instead of getting those new Jordan's...LOL!

Style Tip: shoes, belt, and watch are just as important. You want to make sure they compliment your suit. We will go into detail on a later post.

For starting your suit shopping and depending on your budget ...first check local department stores they have awesome "STARTER SUITS" and great deals. You might ask why I started off with this post, you would be surprised at the amount of men that DO NOT have a suit at all or either they don't have a suit that FITS! Just wanted to start "MALE MONDAY" off right!!!