Hair Update

Hi Dolls,

Hope everyone is having a FAB Wednesday. The weekend is getting closer!!!!!!
Just wanted to give everyone a hair update. If you follow me on instagram, twitter, or facebook you have already seen that I straightened my hair.

I went to visit my best friend over the weekend who is very talented when it comes to doing hair so we decided that I needed a trim, VERY BADLY! I haven't straightened my hair since last August and it was cut in December because I wanted a different look at the time. The results were amazing, she did a great job and I'm loving my straight look right now. Natural hair is so versatile, you can wear it curly, kinky, braided, straight many things to do with your hair and now I never seem to get bored with it!

Here's my hair in December when I cut it.....

Here's my straight hair now...after a GOOD TRIM!!!

I have not had straight hair in a year so I have been feeling myself a little bit lately... LOL!

I will be washing my hair this weekend and I do miss my curls already. A heat protector was used on my hair and it was by Chi...we also used low heat to prevent heat damage. I have really easy hair to straightened so it can get heat damage very easily. Just be careful when straightening your natural hair to make sure you're not damaging your strands with heat.

These two products were used during my process to get straight hair and worked very well..

My hair is naturally oily so I wanted to make sure it wasn't weighed down when straightened.

I'm loving it for's hot so I can feel the humidity getting to it but hopefully it will last until Sunday!!! How often do you trim or straighten your natural hair? What types of products do you use?

Hair Tip: If you have naturally oily hair like me before straightening try a neutralizing shampoo to strip the oil but immediately after make sure to shampoo again with a normalizing shampoo to get your PH balanced.