Fashion Friday: Blogger Bag CHECK

Hi Dolls and Gents,

HAPPY FRIDAY...the weekend is finally here! I'm excited about getting some much needed rest and preparing myself for NYFW next week. I'm HYPE to travel to New York and for my second Fashion Week experience. I'm extremely happy it will NOT be as cold as it was in February ...GOSH I don't know if I could deal with that again.

I'm shopping my closet for New York, I have so many things I haven't worn yet and I know I'll want to purchase new pieces in the BIG APPLE. I'm going to try extremely hard to keep myself on a budget and look for some fun staple pieces to bring back with me.

I've been researching what I should have in my "BLOGGER BAG" and I found a list of things to have me prepared and on top of things. 

1. Laptop/Ipad - uploading pictures and internet access
2. Book, Magazine, Ipod - For in-between shows
3. Passes/FW Booklets- Show times and updates
4. A notebook and a pen- quick notes, dates, words to remember
5. Wallet- Credit cards, debit cards, cash
6. Camera- Street fashion, show pictures
7. Cell Phone- I mean that was the first thing in my bag...LOL
8. Chargers- All electronic devices and phones my die easily
9. Cosmetic Case- eye liner, lip stick and gloss, concealer, hand sanitizer, and wet ones or napkins

Check out the cute bags I've found.... I mean I can't take the same one from earlier this year... LOL

I'll probably go more with a cross body...easier to carry!

Any of my blogger buddies headed to New York for Fashion Week? What's in your blogger bag?