Jewels by Crys

Hi Dolls, 
I recently caught up with a Crys, a jewelry designer among other things. She sent me a couple pieces to wear after finding each other on twitter. I received tons of compliments after wearing my favorite piece from her that I previously discussed in a post. The bold turquoise stone bracelet is a conversation piece that I love wearing with other bracelets and bold colors.
 All about CRYS
What made you interested in designing jewelry?

I create, I dance, I sing, I draw, I write, I do hair....I do a lot. I'm a creative making jewelry is a get away for me! To bring what's in my head & heart to life! When I see different colors, a picture, a setting, Or if I see a piece of fabric, I immediately start coming up with ideas! Almost any and everything inspires me! Once I start creating....there's no stopping me. This is a gift from God giving me the creatives eye that I have! I'll forever be grateful to him for blessing me with this talent!

Tell me a little bit about how you got started?
I've been making Jewelry since High School! My sis in law thought it would be cool to show me the ropes of jewelry making. I took a break for a few years, never selling, just creating jewels for me! Every time I'd see a piece of jewelry that was fly, it made me wonder if I could make it myself! I lost my job January 17, 2012 & spoke to my boyfriend & parents and they all encouraged me to start my own Jewelry business! After thinking about it...I decided why not, what do I have to lose? I have so much to gain! So many people give power to situations! So I took it, into my own hands...and birthed, "Jewels by Crys".
Where does your inspiration come from?
First & foremost God, and God only. He's really doing wonderful things in my life right now! Especially for Jewels by Crys! I wouldn't be a creator without the creator himself.

Do you have a piece of information that you would like to give to a young designer who's trying to follow in your foot steps?

It's plain & simple! Be encouraged & just do it! So many people these days are stepping out and owning their gifts & talents! Don't use the word "Can't". In my mind you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you! You can do all things if you put your mind to it! It's going to take some work! But it's all worth it in the end. Be strong & courageous. Haters will hate, but so many will celebrate your accomplishments! So yeah, be encouraged & Just do it! :)

What's your most popular piece?
My most recent popular piece is my three piece Necklace, Earring & Bracelet set! It's unnamed! I haven't chosen an awesome name for it, because nothing sounds right quite yet! But so many people LOVE this piece! I love it so much I don't want to part with it, but this creation is ready & set to go!

Where can everyone find you? website, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc by Crys
Instagram: JewelNGodsI
Pinterest: JewelNGodsi
Twitter: MsCrysGottaLova
Tumblr: JewelNGodsI

Check out some of her amazing designs....

Soooo FAB. Hopefully I'll be styling some of these pieces soon! If you're in love like I am ...make sure to check her out. Don't forget to tell her MelissaChanel sent you :-)

Unique Jewelry: A bold or conversation necklace, bracelet, or earrings can make a simple outfit turn GLAM! A basic t-shirt and some jeans with a bold necklace takes you from a relaxed day at home to a fun night out with friends.