FASHION FRIDAY: MelissaChanel's 1st DIY


I'm excited to get my weekend started!!! My birthday is next Tuesday, July 24th and I'm ready to go and celebrate with my sissy in Atlanta. We will be going to see one of my favorite artist out right now Frank Ocean in concert on Sunday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Enough about that...lets get to this DIY! My friend Kia over at hit me up with this cool DIY project, I loved the idea and we quickly jumped on it! We purchased supplies on Tuesday and finished up with our project last night around 10pm. It was soooo much fun, we created, designed, and ate some yummy poppa johns pizza! The perfect fashion bloggers girls night.

Check it out:

Our first stop was the container store....

We found our items after a quick search around the store, made sure we purchased the right size and checked out...

Our next stop....this was the hardest decision to make!!!!

Back home to start creating and designing...

 Results of my Transparent Clutch

Kia and I made the cutest clutches and we cant wait to rock them this weekend. I went with and designed the over-sized clutch and Kia went with a traditional size smaller clutch.

Items needed: 

a clear rectangular hinged box from The Container Store
- a pretty knob from Anthropologie
- a pair of pliers or a wrench
- a heavy duty wire cutter
- a drill
- a pointed drill bit

***We also added spray paint, tape, and sealer to our list....we wanted to be a little more creative**** 
Here's the link where we found this very creative DIY ... we added our own artistic style to it by painting them and designing the clutches instead of leaving them ALL clear. 

Head over to check out Kia's experience on our DIY project.

What do you guys think? Love the idea? I'm excited to make more. My first DIY experience was amazing... Kia and I will be working on another project next week. Can't wait to share.