Fashion Friday: HAIR CRAZY

Happy FRIDAY Dolls,

Hope everyone is ready for a fun or relaxing weekend. I know I'm ready to relax...maybe not even leave out of the house at least one day this weekend. I have some fun blog work planned that my bestie is going to help me with and that is pretty much it. STAYING IN TOWN...WHOOO HOOOO!!! LOL.

Well I recently decided I want to get more into hair accessories when it comes to my natural hair. I went over to youtube to get a little inspiration on what types of accessories I could use, how to tie them, where to get them and spent hours looking at videos and learning. I checked out a couple of my favorite youtubers of course...MsVaughn and Iknowlee always have some cool accessories.

I wanted something simple today for work and found an old neck scarf I had in my closet to use. Check out how I tied my scarf... excuse the silly faces, IT'S FRIDAY! LOL.

Here's the rest of my look... Comfort was the look for today and I played with some summer colors

Hair accessories are always fun. Gives a little spunk to your outfit!!!! Do you tie scarfs? Add flowers? Or any type of accessory to your hair? Comment and leave me some cool ideas.   Fashion and Accessory TIP: BE YOU