Cap Toe

Hi Dolls,

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

I had a pretty chill weekend. Yesterday I met up with a friend/photographer and shot my Blog Anniversary pictures, I can not wait to share. I really can not believe will be a year old on July 21st! Look out for some cool things happening on that day and the release of my shoot! EXCITEMENT. 

I also found my newly found addiction last night.... PINTEREST, I know I'm  late but O...M...G! I LOVE IT. Such a cool site and like I really need another social media network to be addicted too smh.

This weekend I also found a new LOVE.... CAP TOE SHOES, flats, pumps, whatever...I just know I'm in love!

What do you guys think??? Addicted? I can't wait to find me a pair ...currently on the HUNT! Or ...I may even make my own, check out what I found on PINTEREST!!!

I love DIY's and will be adding more to the blog and I think this will be one of the first I try! Super easy and FUN!

This is a LOOK I LOVE, what about you? I hope I don't go overboard with this DIY and try to cap toe everything ...HAHAHAHAHA!