My Fashion Obsession: June

Morning Dolls,

 If you guys follow me on twitter, instagram, or facebook you know that I've been loving this trend and pretty much obsessed with it!


I can't get enough of this. I purchased a high low skirt back in March that I couldn't wait to wear...I finally ended up wearing it recently and I was in love. It's such a feminine and sexy look...showing a little leg but still being covered....aaaahhhhhh. I went into Forever21 last month and found the cutest high low dress to wear while in Charleston last week...another hit! I was telling a friend of mine it makes me feel like I have on a wedding dress...LOL (silly I know)! I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing a few more of these pieces before summer is over, def my Fashion OBSESSION for JUNE!

Here's how I wore them....for more info on my looks, check HERE and HERE

I also spotted a couple of my fav celeb's rocking the high low fashion trend:

This skirt or dress can be rocked with heel's, combat boots, or sneakers ...depending on the look you're going for. I excited to find one I can rock with my sneakers!!!! I love how they look with both. But my girl Rhi .....GOSH, LOVES IT.

If you ever thought about trying this trend...head to your local shopping mall, I'm sure it's one inside waiting to be purchased!!! Which look do you like most? Do you think this is a hot trend right now?