Independence ...WORK...FUN

Hi Dolls,

Hope everyone is having a great FRIDAY EVE!!!! Almost at the finish line...keep pushing a little longer!!

I just wanted to share a quick post and explain how much fun I had at work today. With all the busy days you really cherish the days where you get to go out, mingle with coworkers and have a little fun. With the 4th of July right around the corner they decided to have our Independence Day Festival today. The weather was just right and everyone was ready to join in on the fun.

We had hot dogs and great YUMMY snacks, three legged race, juggling, hula hoop contest, face painting... kind of reminded me of a carnival. Here's a picture I snapped after getting my face painted....

Today was one of those....DAMN I LOVE MY JOB days! LOL ....well until tomorrow!!! HAHA...

It's not ALL WORK, sometimes you get to PLAY!

This put me in the mood to share some cute "4th of July" outfits tomorrow for Fashion Friday!