Fashion Friday FAB FIND

HAPPY FRIDAY....I hope everyone is planning an awesome weekend and if you're in the SC/NC area, please drink TONS of water it's going to be CRAZY HOT.

Today was going to be about some cool "4th of July" outfits...BUT I decided to save that and tell everyone about this "FAB FIND" I found yesterday.

By now everyone should pretty much know I LOVE TARGET, I'm addicted and I have to go in at least once a week. LOL.

I was just taking my normal stroll and came across these awesome loafers that I couldn't leave in the store....

These cute turquoise and camel loafers are super comfy and make for a great statement piece for your outfit. You can turn a simply boring t-shirt and shorts to a super chic outfit. They also come in other colors, check them out HERE and only 20 BUCKS!!! 

I actually wore  mine today...with some skinny jeans and a simple blue and white button up...

Loafers are IN right now and you can make a statement with comfort, I'm all for it! I love my heel's but sometimes your feet need a rest.

Does anyone else love target as much as me? Addicted MUCH I am!

 Enjoy the weekend!!!