Curly Kinks ...Product Review

Hi Dolls,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent most of mine relaxing which is GREAT because I've been on the GO lately. Sometime during the week a spider bit me so I've been dealing with that ugh. But I'm alive so that's great!!!!

I received a couple of products from Curly Kinks before I traveled to Charleston on last week and couldn't wait to get back home and try it out.

My package came with the...twist whip, curl refresh, coil jam, and the satin roots leave in detangler which all smelled AMAZING.

  • After washing I applied the leave in detangler and OMG...this stuff is awesome, it detangled my hair with one brush stroke, I've never used anything like this stuff! I will be adding as a every week product. It was not thick at all and left my hair very moisturized.  
  • I then twisted with the twist whip and also added a little bit of gel to give it more of a hold. 
  • I left my single twist in for a day and my results were great
My curls were extremely defined and less friz (which is a problem for me). I did not have as much as a hold as I do with my Jane Carter Curl cream BUT I feel if I add a little more gel it will do the trick. I wont be replacing my Jane Carter Curl Cream but I will be using both the Twist Whip and the JC because I really enjoyed this product.

I will make sure to get a video up on my youtube channel (MsMelissaChanel) one day this week to show you the products consistency and more on my hair results. Until then are some pics from the weekend.

Hair washed and twisted up

Had no time to take down sooo I wore my twist to work Friday
Curl Definition
Day 3 HAIR...this morning. Humidity is killing me but still loving the results
I will be using these Curly Kinks twisting aids for my twist outs in the future. I'm soooo happy I've finally found a detangler, I've never finished my hair as fast as I did on Thursday night!! This products gets a MelissaChanel stamp of approval ......

To purchase Curly Kinks head over to ...don't forget to tell them MelissaChanel sent you!!!!