Summer Concert Fashion

Hi Dolls,

 Hope you guys are having a great jump start to your week. Monday's are always hard for me ...ugh. BUT anyway...

With summer just around the corner I've been getting tons of emails about summer concerts in my area...I'm super excited and hope to attend at least one of these concerts and enjoy some great music. I received a message asking if I had a post on Summer Concert Fashion...and I didn't so I was excited to get to work on creating one.

When thinking of a summer concert I think of a relaxed, cute, cool outfit because in my area a lot of them are outside and it gets pretty humid here in Charlotte, NC. When attending a concert you do a lot of standing and singing along with the artist so you should be comfortable and not have to worry about your feet hurting in heels or tugging at a short dress all night.

A couple weekends ago I channeled my inner Angela Simmons and remixed an outfit she wore to coachella which I think would be a great outfit for a summer concert....

I also attended a may fest in my hometown...I knew the weather was going to be WARM and wanted something cool but yet still fashionable. Here's what I came up with ...also a great look for a outside summer concert...

A cute summer dress or skirt, tube tops, shorts, rompers and flat sandals are also awesome for summer concert!

If you feel my two looks were a little to casual or it's more of a date night kind of thing... I found some cute dresses and rompers that will also work also that can be worn with flats or some comfy wedges.

Dresses found HERE
This dress can also be worn with flat sandals or cute wedges...

Cute flat sandals...perfect cool outfit

Rompers found HERE

Hope these ideas will help you to find a cute and comfy summer concert outfit...remember it will be HOT, you will be sweating, and up on your dress accordingly!!! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!