Front Puff

Hi Dolls...

Happy Friday EVE...We're almost at the finish line!!! Keep pushing :-)

With National Natural Hair Meet Up Day just around the corner I thought I'd share a cute, quick, and easy hair style that I've fell in LOVE with...a FRONT PUFF!

I found this style from one of my instagram followers. I thought her hair was a cute quick style wondered how she got it to hold so well. After searching I found a youtube video of the style and the rest was history! I tried it out last weekend when I was too lazy to twist my hair and needed a style for my friends graduation. I liked it so much that I wore it this way the whole weekend. Check it out ....


I had such a great weekend with the girls and this will be a style I use when I want something quick, pulled up, and out of my way.

Check out the youtube video"High Puff"

I'm a lover of youtube when it comes to finding styles for my hair. Do you have a GO TO style that you found on youtube? Leave me a comment below.