Friday Blues

Hi Dolls,

 Hope you guys had a awesome long Memorial Day weekend. I really enjoyed being in SC and catching up on some must needed rest, but I did NOT like how the mosquitoes attacked me and red bites have taken over my body...but that's a different story. UGH.

I was finally able to wear my Zara color block shoe's on Friday with a little inspiration from one of my FAVORITE blogs. Check it out...

white v-neck- Forever21, blue skirt w/belt - Target, jewelry- f21, shop als, MK, shoes- Zara

On Friday I left work early to head to SC where I helped with judging cheerleading tryouts for my hometown high school. I ran into a MelissaChanel's always great getting hometown support!!!

I loved how my inspired outfit came out, very fun, funky, and comfy! Don't be afraid to dabble with colors...finding inspiration is always great when trying to put an outfit together. And of course you guys know I can't leave home right now without my new purse! :-)

Where do you find your inspiration?