White V-neck T-Shirt.. FASHION MUST HAVE

Hi Dolls,

So I'm pretty much obsessed with a basic white v-neck tee and all the different ways you can wear it. It can be a t-shirt for lounging with leggings, paired with a cute skirt and blazer for going out or work, and even for a casual day with a pair of  bright colored skinny jeans and some flats.

These white v-neck shirts can be purchased ANY AND EVERYWHERE. Walmart, Target, Forever 21... just depends on where you want to go at the moment. A pack of hanes v-necks will do the trick and you can still be fashionable and fabulous by adding a little accessory or two.

I went into Forever 21 recently and purchased one for 5. 50 ...wore it, then I went back and purchased 4 more! I just love the versatility and how I can wear it with anything and still get the look I'm going for.

Just last weekend I was headed to a cookout and wanted something comfy to wear...first thing I thought of was my white v-neck, some skinny jeans, and a pair of's how my look came out!

Again my v-neck is from Forever 21, yellow skinny's from Forever 21, Steve Madden loafers, Forever 21 necklace, purse was a steal from Target!!! Perfect outfit for cookout.

I also decided to wear one to work this week and it was a hit! I love how it came out... added some accessories and was ready to head to the 9-5!

Also decided to throw one on today... I told you guys I'm addicted now to a white v-neck

Target skinny royal blue skinny jeans, Forever21 white v-neck, Target blazer, and BCBG pumps... 

So go grab you a white v-neck t-shirt and try it out!!! HAPPY SHOPPING!