What? Natural Hair can do that?


 I recently had an appointment with Revolution Ego for a recent photoshoot. My stylist Jessica and I decided to do something a little different. I'm a lover of twist's all I ever do to my hair but this time we wanted something a little different, fun, and funky. We decided on a flex rod set. I received tons of compliments on my hair...asking if it was twisted, straw sets, or dreads...but all she did was a wet flexy rod set!

YES NATURAL HAIR CAN DO THAT!!! Natural hair can do just about any style you want it to as long as it is done properly and taken care of. My hair style will probably last me for two weeks. I am able to pull it up...pull the sides back or let it all just go! It came out awesome...I will be getting this style again.

So go grab some flexy rods and try it or go to your local natural hair salon! Took a few iPhone shots of my hair...

Here's how I wore my hair to the office one day and also pinned the sides for EASTER! And I think I'm falling in love with colorblocking....

So go out and try new styles... mostly any style you have in your mind CAN be done on Natural HAIR!