FASHION FRIDAY with Glorified Ego

It's FRIDAY.....YIPPEE!!!!!

Excited for another weekend...and another FASHION FRIDAY! I saw my friend in this t-shirt and just had to have one for myself! After wearing it I received a ton of compliments and questions about where I got it so I decided to share it with EVERYONE!


I was able to chat with Chris, creator and designer of Glorified Ego to find out a little background information. 

How did the name Glorified Ego come about?  

The name Glorified Ego came about because originally the brand was supposed to be exclusively for the Divine Nine Greek Organizations. I wanted a name that would fit those organizations, and from my personal experience when a person becomes Greek their Ego grows just a little bit more than before. Also, I felt like they held themselves on a higher pedestal so therefore their Ego was and deserved to be Glorified or admired. 

Were you always interested in designing? 

Not at all. Being a college athlete, I never really had a solid plan of what I'd do as far as a career because I think I relied too much on basketball and my hoop dreams. In the summer of 2011, I had a lot of time to myself and I really started thinking about my future outside of basketball. I had recently started messing around in Illustrator drawing little characters and whatnot so thats kind of where my designing background began. After that I really saw myself doing something in the fashion industry as far as designing for a career so I began doing TONS of research on the clothing/t-shirt industry. Now, I eventually want to get into actual cut and sew designing of the apparel and accessories.

What inspires you?

Although this might sound a little silly, but my dog was my first inspiration for Glorified Ego. The main character Karnage, is a grizzly bear and thats because I love grizzlies. I wanted a secondary character so I drew my dog in the form of an illustration and the rottweiler character has my dogs actual name, Zeus. Besides that I get inspiration from everyday things, I may see a certain thing in a different way then someone else sees it or I may see something inspiring and add to it. I never know when something will inspire me so I always have my phone on me with the note section ready because I write down everything to make sure I never forget a great idea.

Would you like to expand your brand? 

My plan is to definitely expand my brand. I'd like for my brand to grow as my following grows, I really feel that once I have those loyal supporters I can really create they way that I'd like to. I plan to expand to more than just t-shirts, but that is in due time. My ultimate goal is to have my brand in store around the world as well as opening my own store.

What's the thought behind each t-shirt? Any message?

For these first set of shirts it was mostly about getting people familiar with the theme of my brand and my brand symbols. The heart and star in the characters eyes and on so many of the shirts actually has a meaning. The star represents your Ego  and the heart means Glorified or glorifying/ admiring, so when the two are together you get Glorified Ego, or an Ego that it worthy of being admired or looked up to. To me everyone can have a Glorified Ego, all you have to do is believe in yourself and know that you are worthy of being Glorified. The other message that I want to get across to people is to Love Your Ego. If you're loving your ego and you're confident in yourself then others have no choice but to do the same. Every shirt I make and the ones I'm planning all have a theme and I plan to do collections, which will have a them inside the theme of my brand.

I made my purchase and received my order three days later. Very professional ...came with some really dope stickers and cool packaging. 

I paired mine with a pair of jordan's and some leggings ...was going for a more comfy look that day! I think the tee's would also be cute paired with a blazer and heels! They are really true to size...I purchased a small and it fit me perfect! 

Make sure to check out Glorified Ego .... @glorifiedego on twitter, Facebook and also the website HERE