Fashion Friday... "Meet the Designers"

Hi DOLLS.....


Yesterday some of my GALS and I got dolled up and headed uptown to the Westin for "Meet the Designers" an event hosted by Charlotte Seen where we were able to meet and mingle with the designers and models for the Passport for Fashion show coming up next Saturday.

I love the pieces at  Flame Boutique and couldn't wait to wear my leopard print blazer...also known on the site as "THE SAMANTHA" ...I paired it with some red skinnys, black wedges, and gold accessories. Check it out....

The blazer is not thick at all so it would be really great for spring...and you all know how I'm in LOVE with leopard at the moment. Click HERE to purchase your "SAMANTHA" leopard blazer today!

I was able to meet two of the designers and OMG the pieces were amazing. I can't wait for the show if this is what we have to look forward to. Everyone was mingling..networking and chatting all about the up coming Style Week and the events they would be attending.

Here are some shots from the event...

I was able to meet designer Flavia Isabella Lovatelli ... AMAZING.

All out of recycled paper... Check out more HERE

I also mingled and chatted with some beautiful models and talked with some friends that came out also. Then ran into this KevinVain piece that I couldn't stop staring at.... check it out....

Cool guy and pieces were ... well you tell me!!! GEEESH this guy is TALENTED. Check out more HERE and follow Kevin on twitter @kevinVAINS

This "Meet the Designers" event made me really excited for the Passport for Fashion show coming up April 21, 2012.. If you haven't purchased your ticket head over to NOW!!!!

Enjoy your weekend...