Fashion Friday - Hair and Outfit of the DAY

Another FUN weekend ahead. I'll be traveling down to Atlanta for the World Natural Hair Show. I'm super excited to help out my friend at Kurlee Belle ...we'll be at booth 119!!! Come say HI!!!

I went to a natural hair salon last night to get something different done to my hair for the hair show...and I AM IN LOVE! I just let her be creative and do her own thing and .....

Monica at Natural Image Salon did an awesome job...cant wait for my next appt! 

So anytime you get a new hair style or your hair done period you feel like a new woman...well I do, not sure about you guys...HAHA! So I felt the need to dress cute today and not my usually Friday attire ...jeans and some toms! LOL. Here's my OOTD...I love playing with colors and my new shoes from Zara let me do just that.

I just rolled up a pair of F21 jeans to make them more cropped ....decided on this red-ish orange cropped sheer from Zara as I stated before and Shop-ALS on the wrist with a little MK. I'm excited about how the outfit came out being that I was in a rush this morning..typical Melissa. LOL.

Have a FUN and exciting weekend. Don't forget to throw some color into your outfit this weekend!