Color and Natural Hair


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 I've been getting a lot of questions lately about my natural hair and the color. How do I keep it moisturized, does it not get brittle and break, and who did it. Well I have all the answers. I was able to catch up with my natural hair stylist to get all the tips you guys will need on color and keeping your hair healthy.

Jessica is a licensed cosmetologist, colorist, and natural hair stylist at Revolution Ego  in Charlotte, NC. Her hair has been every color on the chart from black to blonde, and everything in between.. 

The Revolution Ego experience Includes:  Customized Curly Cuts, Custom Color, Deva Cuts, Anita Grant European Specialty, Treatments, Curly Sets, Twist Outs, Loc Services (All Ethnicities), Specialized Men’s Services.

Spring is near, with that comes a change in the air that inspires many of us to change the color of our hair. Natural hair gives us the freedom to go crazy with color but before jumping out the window, keep these tips in mind:

1. Box Color is Not Your Friend.
Sure, that model rocking "Sun Kissed Brown" on the $5.88 box looks great. The chances of you looking like her after an hour in your bathroom are slim to none. You've been diligent in caring for your kinky curly tresses thus far, don't ruin your efforts by applying chemicals yourself. See a professional who can formulate a sun kissed brown just right for you, safely.

2. Don't Let it Go Down The Drain.
So now you've got this gorgeous color, but it keeps changing. It's actually fading. Permanent color works by lifting the cuticle, removing some or all of the natural pigment (color), then inserting an artificial  pigment. If the cuticle is not re-sealed after this process, or later re-opened, the artificial pigment will slowly seep out. To prevent this, use natural based shampoos & conditioners that state 'safe for color treated hair'. Stay away from treatments like vinegar rinses and baking soda. Although they are natural, they can lift the hair cuticle causing your color to rinse away.

3. Your Hair Needs Sunblock Too.
No, do not attempt to twist your hair with Coppertone SPF 50 for your beach trip. DO pack some Shea Butter and/or Coconut oil. They both naturally contain sunscreen and both are great for your hair and skin. In Charlotte, there are far more sunny days than not so I apply a light layer of coconut oil as a finish to my hair daily. The sun is biggest culprit in color fading.  If you're really trying to hold on to that perfect shade, keep your hair covered with a scarf or hat while basking on these long summer days.

4. Put The Scissors Down.
Just because you've now crossed into the land of hair color doesn't mean you need your ends trimmed. Hopefully you've been keeping your hair moisturized, and detangled properly regularly so now even though it's colored, it's still healthy. On the other hand, if you did test that box color, spent too many days in wash & go world or have damage for some other reason, you probably do need a trim. Your stylist should be the one with shears in hand, not you!

5. Is Your Hair Dry or Are your Eyes?
Professional color, followed by good home care will not leave you with dry/brittle hair. I repeat, getting your hair colored does not make your hair dry. Over processing the hair, or poor care will. Permanent hair color is a chemical. Much like a relaxer left on too long, over processing hair color by using too high (strong) of a developer or applying color too frequently can damage natural hair.  Color retouches should be done no more than every 6-8 weeks. That leaves most people with about 1/2 an inch to 2 inches of new growth. Those who need gray coverage may find they need retouches every 4 weeks. That is perfectly normal.
If you are keeping the same color but your new growth has a few inches, your colorist should only be applying color to that part. Not covering the entire length of the hair.
Now the issue of being/feeling dry vs. looking dry. Two things:

1. Shine is a reflection of light off a flat surface. (straight hair =flattest)
2.Darker colors attract more light. (black hair = darkest)

So if you have tightly coiled, blonde colored hair, it's going to appear the least shiny. For some people that equates to "looking dry" even if the hair actually is well moisturized.

All my color is done by Jessica... take a look,

With all that said...don't be scared! It's hair, have fun!
Hope all my Naturalistas enjoyed. Keep your hair healthy...and don't be afraid to try color as long as it's taken care of.