Blogging from the BAHAMAS- DAY 1

Hi Naturalistas and Fashionistas....

My first day in the Bahamas yesterday was amazing. The weather was super nice...and after my bestie ended her work day we stopped for some birthday drinks and fun!

I was able to try out Kalik, the Bahamian beer and a little salsa dancing!

DAY 1 was great...wishing I had more sleep BUT excited to see what day 2 will be like! Here are a couple photo's I snapped yesterday!

Flight material... 

In the CLOUDS! 

The BIRTHDAY GIRL! Check her out at
 and yes I'm wearing my "Kurlee Belle" t-shirt! 

Kalik ...the Bahamian beer

What I wore for Night 1 ...Dinner and Salsa Dancing! I'm in love with my will be available in the Recessionista's Closet spring collection! So you'll be able to order one soon HERE

Dinner with the girls!

Terri making her wish...BUT her wish has already come true, I'm in the Bahamas...DUH! LOL


Hope you guys enjoyed! Stay tuned for DAY 2.