Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Cream, and Oils ...the list goes on!! It's Natural hair WASH DAY

Hello my BEAUTIFUL Naturalistas and Fashionistas.....

When I washed my hair last week I decided to take a couple iPhone photos to share with you guys. 

Since cutting my hair in December my twist outs last a whole week longer than they did before and I'm loving me two weeks of adding moisture, giving it a little fluff and go! 

These are the products that I use when washing..

I'm addicted to how these Jane Carter products have my hair looking and feeling. Also my Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Elixir can't have a wash without it, keeps my hair super moisturized. 

After washing and conditioning's my freshly washed hair. I dry with a old t-shirt but must have a towel to catch dripping water. 

I detangle....apply leave in and curl cream as I twist single twist all over my head.... I have a couple "perm rods" on the front because of straight ends that i'm waiting to grow out (heat damage)! :-( 

After letting my hair air dry over night.... here are the results!!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed my wash day journey... I will keep you guys posted as I experiment, try different products, and enjoy my NATURAL HAIR!!!