Pimp your PHONE....

Hi Naturalistas and Fashionistas,

I met a phone case designer on instagram a couple months ago and fell in love with her work and she's also a naturalista. Ronesha Ward has an awesome talent and I had the pleasure of catching up with her to find out how her journey started. 

How did you get interested in designing? Me being the overly chic chick that I am have a love for  bejeweled cases.  I would search and order all kinds of cute cases, only for the rhinestones to fall off the same week & I'll be searching for one to replace it.  One day I thought "Hmm I wonder if I could do this".  I did a little research and went and bought the need supplies.  With great practice and searching for cool cabochons and charms to put on the cases, I come up with fabulous designs. 

How long have you been designing? Honestly I've only been doing this for 3 months. 

What motivates you? Of course I wasn't the only one that came up with the genius idea to design and customized phone cases, However I am the only one that comes up with my ideas and designs for the cases.  My family and friends motivate me.  They are actually the ones that have made my designs so popular.  I did their cases for my practice and people loved them.  They are so interested in what I create  and they are my best critics.  Also it seems like all my natural hair woman are creating and sell items and we support each other.  Seeing others rock women of color custom designs motivates me.  It's so encouraging.

How can people get in contact with you if they are wanting a custom design from "Rhinestone Cases by Romaha" ?  I was not expecting a huge response from customers so I wasn't prepare for the the mass request of orders.  Website coming soon.  In the meantime feel free to email me at for customized orders.  Also feel free to Follow me twitter: @YahwehsBoldness or on Instagram: Romahas Realism 

I would like to also thank ShidaNaturals & Alex_Elle. They brought me a lot of great business.  

Check out some of her pieces and order yours today! 

She's very creative and takes on custom orders from customers. Be on the lookout for a GIVEAWAY collaboration with me and Ronesha soon! :-)