Oscar Favs....

Hope all my Naturalistas and Fashionistas had an awesome weekend. I spent most of my weekend hanging out around the house....a little shopping for my upcoming trip (we'll get to later) and of course Sunday watching the Oscars!!!!

It's a Fashionistas fav night to watch all the beautiful women in gorgeous gowns and all DOLLED for the BIG night! 

Just wanted to share my favorite looks on the red carpet. 

Viola Davis was my #1!!! She looked amazing in Vera Wang and don't forget the hair....I'm so glad she decided to go with her TWA ...She was glowing! My mouth is still on the floor! Speechless. 

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford! ...CAPE enough said! 

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton (dress was a coral rather than red) and that made me love it MORE!

Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive. Flawless ...and the dress is actually Gray! 

Pharrell Williams not sure what he's wearing BUT he's wearing it well! His style has always been a fav of mine!

Hope you guys loved my top 5 favs! I just couldn't get enough of these women! Did we have some of the same favs? If not, who were your picks?