FASHION FRIDAY with Purple Pills Babies

I recently had a chance to interview Tasiya Sealey one of the most anticipated emerging designers from NYC and CEO of Purple Pills Babies.

What is Purple Pills Babies? A clothing/accessory brand based out of Brooklyn, NY. PPB uses culturally rich elements and totally creates a hybrid of tradition and next level-ism. The brand has landed a feature in the February issue of Ebony Magazine's "Editor's Obsession" and The Source Magazine also featured and interviewed the brand for the Dunkxchange footage. Click HERE for footage.

I was able to ask the creator of this brand a few questions about how she got started.

What t was the first piece you designed?

The first pair of glasses I designed was the "X" design. Kind of my Ode to a man I revere and hold in the highest regard El Hajj...Malcom X LOL..ok now, let me not be lazy & complete his name correctly-El Hajj Malik Shabazz.

Where do you get your inspiration?

The answer for the first question opened the gateway for this question.. My inspiration is always from spirituality, ancient/modern Afrika and my growing acceptance/ of all matter..thats the ultimate dopeness. And music, I'm a music junkie...real music only aka instruments were used and ppl composed the song. People/systems in power use sound to do many things from spark baby booms to increasing the rate of suicide...u might wanna use major reconsideration the next time you turn on your radio and let one station rock out for hours and it's owned by the exact same ppl that own all prisons..just Frank Ocean singing voice *or do you not think so far ahead?*  

Do you try to send a message out or themes with your pieces?

I'm not a fashionista so I'm in this all for the sending of messages. It's way easier to make something pretty only thinking about aesthetics..try finding creative ways to send a fire signal with no smoke. 

What is the best perk about being a designer?

The best perk about being a designer honestly is being able to take back control of what I look like and what I promote. Like, when did it become fashionable to look like everybody but yourself? Why do we take so much more pride in wearing an Italian designer who mass produced your pants than a Black designer that actually took time to make a piece that no more than 1-10 ppl in the whole world would have? Oh and topless male models....I LOoooVE MEN!!! Especially the midnight Black male models that you see on the runway. Straight Cacao in Frank Ocean singing voice *I been thinking bout you*. LOL  

If you could give one piece advice or information to someone trying to follow in your footsteps what would it be?

The ultimate fashion statement is to be intune with yourself. She/He who does not give them selves an identity will be given one.

Dope right? If you like these pieces head over to for more and place your order today. 

You can also follow Purple Pill Babies on Facebook!/PurplePillBabies and twitter @PPB_FASH_GALAX