Classic piece that goes with EVERYTHING

Hello to all my Fashionistas and Naturalistas,

As you guys already know I've been reading  The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia and wanted to share another one of the "Basics" as Nina would call them.

A man's classic watch.

Nina talks about how women's watches tend to change with the trends but a classic man's watch is TIMELESS. After years and years of not wearing a watch I have really come to the terms that I NEED one on my twist..for time and also to complete a look. Last year I fell in love with my Michael Kors big face watch and now I'm seeing more and more women going for this more masculine watch.

Nina also explains how this classic watch "is a statement and breaks the rules in an unexpected but subtle way."  I agree with Nina and feel my watch is a statement piece and even though it's a woman's watch it's more masculine and gives you the "man's classic watch" feel.

Do you have this timeless piece?

Search around, stay within your budget, and find your statement piece that breaks the rules.

Here's a couple different ways I like to wear mine....( FYI ...for some reason I wear my watch on my right arm and I love adding some bracelets ..just my touch)

 If you like my watch...check out the MK website..your local Dillards, Macy's, or Belk.