2012 Grammy FAVS

Hi Dolls,

I sat patiently on Sunday night to watch my favorite performers rock it out on the Grammys and also see them rocking those FAB gowns. As you all know I'm in LOVE with Rihanna and I felt she looked AMAZING...the body, the dress, the sex appeal was all to die for. The hair...I'm still trying to get adjusted just feel it makes her look sort of washed out. BUT she's still a very DOPE fashionista.

So many beautiful women in amazing designer gowns so here are a couple more of my GRAMMY FAVS

Adele's dress change reminded me so much of the shirt I purchased at H&M that I wore in New York and I LOVED it on her. Very Classic and CHIC...just like HER. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my Grammy FAVS. :-)