Closet MUST-HAVE.... "Little Black Dress"

Hi Loves,

  Missed y'all bunches. I had a lot of things going on but I'M BACK with a closet must have. I picked up The Little Black Book of Style  by Nina Garcia from, you'd never guess...American Eagle..and it has sooo many great ideas and fashion tips for all my FASHIONISTAS ...

I have always felt that every woman should have a "Little Black Dress" I mean it's such a chic and versatile piece you can do any and EVERYTHING with!  As Nina would say .... "It's mysterious and chic, understated and provocative."

I feel when you wear black it gives everything else the chance to stand can do more with your hair, earrings, nail polish and accessories because your dress is so simple ... "the ultimate black canvas!"

So listen up....ALL MY Fashionista's if you don't have your "Little Black Dress" the time is NOW!!!

I wore a black dress for my birthday last year and was able to do so much with my shoes to make it POP and still kept it real simple...

Of course I have to add my girls Rihanna and Angela Simmons rocking their "Little Black Dress" very chic...and I LOVE IT.

"One is never over-or underdressed with a little black dress" ~ Karl Lagerfeld

HAPPY Shopping.... 


P.S. ....I'll be sharing more closet must-haves and ideas from Nina!!! :-)