Original Moxie Review

Naturalista's I have a review for you on some awesome products I think you guys would love.

Remember my post on the Original Moxie samples I purchased and talked about HERE ???? Well after I took out my sew in I decided to give these products a try and ........................I LOVED THEM.

The shampoo was a no foam shampoo at first I wasn't sure how I would feel about it but it left my hair really clean but not squeaky and dry like some shampoo's I've tried in the past and I loved that about it.

The conditioner worked really well as I worked it through making sure to get a very good condition being that I had my hair all braided up for 2 months. After working it through and letting it sit for a while my hair was super soft and smelled awesome.

Then it was time for styling. I used the Lux Locks styling and shine for my twist and it gave me a lot of moisture, something my dry hair needs. I used it on each twist and let it air dry through the night. It didnt leave a sticky feeling or any type of build up when I went to wash the next week. It's a great product for twisting and sealing in moisture.

Here are the results.....

These Original Moxie products will be added to my weekly wash. I will be purchasing the full size bottles of each and using the lux locks for my twist outs. I loved how my hair felt and also how my curls were defined when using them. I would suggest to all my naturalista's!!!! You are able to purchase samples to try out products first and they are ONLY 3 bucks!!! Go make your purchase today and please leave comments if you've tried these products I would love to know how they worked on your hair.

Samples are here