Fashion Friday....3 Fashion MUST- HAVES!!!!

Right this time, month, year, hour, second, what are your THREE fashion MUST- haves? I know this is a HARD one it took me a while to decide because mine change hourly. But right now at 10:03 am I would have to say I cant live without my combat boots, a pair of leggings, and my MK (Michael Kors) watch. These are the three items that I will have with me at all times, for a weekend trip or a day trip. My combat boots are super comfy and can make a look fun and funky, no woman can go wrong with a pair of leggings if you're wearing them as pants or even under another garment they work well, and my MK my LIFE I mean every woman needs a good watch right!? Or two, or three, LOLOL. So now what are your three fashion must- haves? What can't you leave home on a weekend trip or a day trip without? Feel free to comment. Remember its only for this hour in life because right now....mine have already changed! :-) Here is a picture of my MK and my BOOTS ....we all know what a pair of basic black leggings look like.

Best gift I've ever received!!!

Combat boots