As a natural myself I often get bored with styling my hair. I get tired of my wild fro and want something more stylish. So to the Natural Hair Bible I went...YOUTUBE! Last year I found a youtube channel that I couldn't get enough of and now know as MsVaughnTV with over 12,000 subscribers. She has super cute styles with tutorials on how to achieve them along with make up tips and outfits of the day. So last year one day I set up my computer in my bathroom and went to work ....I had two twist up the back and as I call it a "Janelle Monae" hump in the front and a new style all thanks to Ms Vaughn.... Here's how the look came out.

I loved it ....and I received several compliments once I got to work.

I couldn't find the exact video but here's one where she does a similar style to what I wore that day. 

And a new style that she just posted yesterday. And I CAN NOT wait to try after I take my protective style out is the "Pumpkin BUN" ! I cant wait to see how many of my natural ladies try this one out. It's very fall-ish and the story behind how she got the style and her entire look from a pumpkin is even more amazing. Hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did. You can subscribe to MsVaughn's Channel on youtube MsVaughnTV and follow her on twitter @MsVaughntv