"Don’t Just wear earrings, wear ART!" ~ Tiffany B Chanel

Ladies...I found a awesome unique designer and was able to speak with her and get a little background info on how she got started! I know it's a lot of designers who often wonder where certain people get inspiration or how they got started on their journey to become a successful designer! Tiffany B Chanel is a dope jewelry and tutu designer out of New York and I was able to get a little of her story.

Tell me a little bit about how you got started?

The video “Google Me Baby” and Teyana Taylor inspired me to make tutu’s in 2010. I would use tulle and random materials to make my creations. The same materials I would add on tutus sparked a vision of earrings that I had to create.  I made my first pair of earrings in October 2010. I launched my website November 5th, 2010, on my birthday. Since then everything has been moving quickly for me, and I love every step of this journey.

What made you interested in designing jewelry?

Designing accessories felt so natural there was no way for it to not become a passion of mine.  Mentally the visions flowed, so it became easy to mock what I saw in my mind. When I create I do not draw, premeditate, or over think a design. As long as it is clear in my mind I am able to design with ease.

 Do you design in any other areas or just strictly jewelry?

I am actually known for making earrings. I recently started to branch out and start making necklaces and bracelets, so accessories is what I mainly design.  My main focus now is just working on editorial pieces for shoots, trying to create pieces that people have never seen.

 Where does your inspiration come from?

 I’m inspired by emotion, colors, feelings, music, and anything abstract. There is something in each of the things listed that just may spark my flow to create. The majority of my creations are based off of emotions and how I'm feeling at the moment. If I have no feelings, I will have no creations. I also like to look up self taught designers who have been designing longer then me in order to get an adrenaline rush to go harder at what I do. I look at different designers work and try to think what was going on in there mind that helped them to get to that creation. I try to bring mind to a place where there is nothing but feelings and emotion hoping it will help me to deliver in order to be better and grow as a designer.
Do you have a piece of information that you would like to give to a young designer who's trying to follow in your foot steps?

What I would say to a young designer that is trying to follow in my footsteps is to follow your heart because you only know what feels right and makes you happy.  Do research, know what yourself getting into and be knowledgeable of people in the field of your choice. Go hard, make sure you work more then you talk. Most importantly stay humble. 
Here are a couple of the Tiffany B Chanel pieces...for more head over to    she just released some new and ready to order pieces.