"Yup, I put it on him, it ain't nothing that I can't do
Yup, I buy my own, if he deserve it, buy his shit too
All up in the store, shorty, tricking if I want to
All up in the store, shorty, fly as we want to..." ~ BEY

My fav song on Beyonce's 4 CD is Countdown and the video was released tonight on MTV at 7:56pm and I made sure I was home and ready to catch it. The video was EVERYTHING, from the choice of colors used, to her showing her baby bump, to the choreography...just everything I LOVED! Beyonce is one of the greatest that will ever do it! :-)

Amazing ...LOVE HER and the Audrey Hepburn feel the video gave! Very FUN and COLORFUL! Head over to to see the full version!