La Vita of FASHION

After stumbling upon this awesome new clothing line from a twitter post,  I caught up with Ryan Grant part of LaVita Clothing and I was able to ask him a couple questions and connect all the dots on how these guys got started and what inspired them.

What does La Vita stand for?
 La Vita means The Life in Italian. It represents everything we chase, the life that we all strive to live whether your journey be fortune and fame or a more humble style of living LaVita encompasses all.

How many people are apart of the brand?
There are 6 members of LaVita more of a family, and thousands of Lifers.

How did you guys get started?
Honestly, Nate and I had always talked about doing a line, fashion has always been a love for the both of us so we devised a plan, got the business out of the way, and truly went in for Life.

What made you want to get into fashion and design? 
I have always had a love for clothes, just something about them always did it for me. The way quality clothes can make you feel, or the way new clothes gives you that feeling of joy and accomplishment, that's the reason I started designing to give people that feeling when they wore a piece of La Vita.

How do you set yourself apart from other designers and brands? 
La Vita is something different from most products in my eyes. It’s more than just premiere, exclusive clothes; its a movement of young individuals searching to live the life and what it entails. Our products are hand crafted, original and  are all inspired by the people we meet, the places we go, and the experiences that we encounter with our peers.

Do you have one piece of information that you would like to give to up and coming designers about following their dreams?
I would honesty tell anyone whether it be a designer or young entrepenuer never let anyone tell you that your dreams are just dreams, anything that you can imagine y

For more information and to buy your first piece of La Vita Clothing here's the link...