25th Birthday

So yesterday I turned 25 years old and if the question is "Do I feel older?" the answer is "YES"...older and WISER. After driving around yesterday my knee started to hurt...guess that's coming from "old age" LOL and I have all my school work completed on a Monday that isn't due until Sunday...gosh 25 has really made me an overachiever. I had a fun weekend with my friends and family ...and had a great surprise from some of my girlfriends in ATL. It all started with a concert with my brother, pre bday dinner with a friend, found a new French Pastry Shop that I'm in love with and I'm sitting in now as I type, PINKBERRY (of course), Partying, dinner at Ruth Chris, and a good movie. I received awesome gifts of course because I have awesome friends, a new flat iron that i desperately needed, three shirts, a gift card, a jewelry box from INDIA, and jewelry. I can honestly say I had the best 25th BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

Here are a couple pics from my weekend.

Having fun at the BIG Sean and Wiz Concert 

Me and my Brother ...HOT but having fun!!
My newly found LOVE!

the decor

Terri and Me feeling like we're in FRANCE ..HA

MOI...ready to PARTY!

Terri and Me ;-)

Look who surprised me

Close up of my BDAY SHOES

Headed to a movie with my Charlotte girls!

 Thanks for all those who sent me bday wishes, calls, text messages, I love you all!!! :-) Graduation up next. I cant wait for more fun.