It's my birthday and I do whatever I want to, right? While you're reading this I'm somewhere enjoying the loved MIAMI (I'm in MIAMI BISH)! I decided to come down to celebrate my 29th birthday along with my cousins 30th bday, it's nothing like having fun and enjoying family. 


I honestly can not believe I'm the big 2-9, like one from 30th, YIKES! My birthday is smack dab in the middle of me moving from NYC to NC and starting a new gig. I'm excited, nervous, happy, sad, and any other emotion you could probably imagine all wrapped in one. 


Going back reading THIS, just getting settled in NYC and living a dream come true to now, I now see how much I've grown over ONE year. 28 was filled with a lot of uncertainty with a little heart break added in. I learned so much about myself, what I wanted out of life, and where I was going.  I had to make some big decision when I was 28, but I'm so excited about the BIGGER decisions I'll be making at 29. Life is all about living and learning and I plain on spending mine doing just that. 

Photography by: Bryce


So here's to 29 (or Twenty FINE), a year full of learning, loving, traveling, owning, and being a boss. I'm walking away from 28 happy and only looking back to smile.


I decided to make a "last year of my 20's" bucket list. I can't wait to scratch some of these things off on the road to 30. 

Here's the start of the "Last year of my 20's" Bucket List: 

  1. Cross country road trip
  2. Visit Disney World
  3. On track to working for myself (business plan, etc)
  4. Take a sewing class 
  5. Visit Paris 
  6. Take a make up class
  7. Teach a social media 101 class
  8. Take a cooking class (I need to to learn as much as I can in this area) 
  9. Sky Dive
  10. Read one book a month
  11. Write a book/guide

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Melissa Chanel