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How to Build a Cold Weather Capsule Wardrobe

Melissa Chanel2 Comments
How to Build a Cold Weather Capsule Wardrobe

Like it or not, Winter is here! 

I’m a summer baby, so my separation anxiety has already kicked in 100%, but the silver lining is that I get to stash away my hot pants and crop tops and pull out the layers. I LOVE fall/winter fashion!

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Since I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture, I haven’t been able to indulge my shopping habit like I normally would (a blessing in disguise, I’m sure). So, I’m pulling out all stops to do some closet purging so that I can create my cold weather wardrobe using items I already have. If you’re like me and need to save some bucks on clothes this season, then the solution is to build a capsule wardrobe. 

How do I do it? It’s really simple: 

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  1. Decide on your look. We all have millions of screenshots of looks we love and are dying to recreate, stylish women we admire, and stores/websites we just can’t seem to stay away from, right? Comb through images of your favorite looks and search for the overall theme. Are you leaning towards minimalist? Sporty? Glam or trendy? Think about the common theme and decide that that will be your fall look.
  2. Start building. Whatever look you decided on, start building the foundation. Look for the common thread in all of the images you’ve saved and pick apart the basics. Black skinnies? Oversized sweaters? Cardigans? Measure those looks against what you already have in your wardrobe, and start jotting down everything you already own and things you need to purchase. *REMEMBER! The goal is to save as much money as possible, so really dig to see what you already have. If you need to add items to the “Purchase” list, make sure they’re staple items, meaning you can wear them over and over again. Yes, we wanna look good, but we’re trying to save as much coin as possible, sis!
  3. Make the first purchase. I always like to start with outerwear and work your way in. A lot of times, we purchase tops and sweaters that are great for the initial months of fall, but don’t work well under jackets and coats. So I like to start with outerwear so that I’ll know what type of tops to buy considering the jacket, coat, or parka I’m rocking that season. And since I like to layer, I make sure whatever I choose has a little room for a layer or two. This fall/winter, I’m adding a new faux fur to my wardrobe. It’s a mint/gray color, which looks good with sneakers (cuz y’all know me), heels, boots, etc. And to me, there’s nothing that makes a better statement than a faux fur.
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My golden rule in all this? Always buy items that bring you joy. Yes, even a basic can make you feel excited to rock it! Clothes have the power to make us feel confident or insecure, and I’ll always choose the side of confidence and encourage my people to do the same. 

Outfit Details| Top: H&M (last year) | Coat: H&M | Jeans: H&M (old, try these)| Boots: Zara 

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Photography: Brandon Grate Photography | MUA: Voga Beauty 

What are you adding to your cold weather capsule wardrobe?


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