Happy Air Max Day

Happy Air Max Day

Oh, what a time to be a sneaker lover!


As always, Nike has been SHOWING OUT all Air Max Month long. They've been releasing hit after hit after hit, leaving all of our bank accounts wishing we’d leave them alone, LOL. Trust me, you won't get them all (I’ve tried), but if you're lucky enough, you'll snag a pair or two. To celebrate one of the greatest days on Earth, Air Max Day, I'm sharing my top 5 pairs of Air Max you MUST add to your closet of kicks. This post is brought to you by @KicksandFros…are you following them? (Of course you are.)

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Photography by: Brandon Grate Photography 

Ready? Let’s go!

Air Max 270- The color ways they've been releasing are sooo perfect for spring, especially this light bone, black, and hot punch pair. Like, get in my closet already! I’ve already styled these in my head: I’d rock them with a T-shirt dress, denim and a graphic tee, or even denim on denim. Yep, these are meant to come home with me, LOL. This is another dope color way, too, but unfortunately it’s already sold out. 

Air Max 1- Remember my post rocking the AirMax 1 here? Well, they've been releasing new fun colors for women! I seriously love them all, especially this grey and pink pair. Where are all my travel girls? Throw these on with a sweat suit, a shirt dress, or pair of leggings & off the shoulder top, and you’re ready for takeoff. It’s the perfect girly, comfy outfit. 

Air Max 98- I think this is probably my 2nd favorite release of the month. I’ve been obsessed with every color that's dropped, although it’s been hella hard to snag a pair. I got lucky with the Air Max 98 Fossil; I'm never taking them off, LOL. I can already tell that these will be my go-to pair for summer! 

Air Max 97- Nike took a futuristic turn when it comes to the new 97's. Some of them I'm obsessed with, others not so much. I could probably see these in my closet; what do you guys think? I'm currently waiting on the Air Max 1/97 SW Collectors Dream, and I'm probably on my computer trying to add them to my cart as you’re reading this, LOL! I'll keep you guys updated on if I got lucky or not, which I’m praying I am because I have the most perfect spring suit to rock with these. Fingers crossed! 

Air Max 95- I mean... y’all, these will always be classics. If you don't have a pair of 95’s, please add them to your closet RIGHT NOW! They are a must, especially if you're trying to build a solid sneaker collection. I wore them for Air Max Day in 2015, and I still grab them a lot when trying to decide which pair of sneakers I want to wear. I do have my eye on this white pair, though! As I said earlier, Nike is showing out this year, so I’ve got tons of options. 

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Top: Zara | Pants: Zara | Sneakers: Stockx 

Now, we celebrate. Which pair are you purchasing? Make sure to tag @MelissaChanel in all your posts so I can see how your sneaker collection is building, and DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW MY SNEAKER INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT, @KICKSANDFROS. Happy Shopping!