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Going Out with a BANG

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Going Out with a BANG

Guys, I can’t believe summer is coming to an end! I feel like it literally started yesterday, and I’ve been traveling so much that I didn’t get to soak it up as much as I wanted to (but at least your girl is booked & busy, right?! Haha). But I’m soooo going to miss the summer heat, hanging outside, laying on the beach, and not having to throw on layers to keep me warm in the night air. I’m a summer baby, so of course it’s my favorite season. Now we’re off to Fall, the season of light jackets and scarves. Blah.

Since we’ve got only a few minutes left of summer, I’m pulling out all stops and rummaging my closet for any items with the tag still on. I will not let them go to waste, further proving my friends right when they say I’ve got a shopping problem. *hides face* 

I know I’m not the only one who swore they needed a dress, skirt, or romper for the summer, and is now watching the summer roll away without having worn that item once!It’s time to take those tags off and WERK, girl! 

My most recent closet find came when I moved into my apartment earlier this month. (Oh, that post is coming soon! Loving my new place already.) I found this H&M skirt tucked away and remembered all the excuses I conjured up for why I needed to buy it. It was only 10 bucks, y’all! Now here we are, at the end of summer, and I’m finally pulling the tags off. I decided to pair it with this cute button-up I also had tucked away, and it worked perfectly. I’m really crushing on this look; I need to figure out how to transition these pieces into fall. 

Also, I could've easily rocked this outfit with some sandals, but I decided to go with the less obvious choice and pair it with my white Vans. These are so great because I’m horrible with white shoes, so affordable options are always the way to go for me. 

DSC_0386 final copy.jpg
DSC_0439 final copy.jpg
DSC_0379 final copy.jpg
DSC_0425 final copy.jpg

Who else is creating their end-of-summer looks? Drop a comment & tag me in your pics!


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