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Girl on the Go: Staying Fresh with Degree

Melissa ChanelComment
Girl on the Go: Staying Fresh with Degree

If there’s anything I know to be true (and at this point, you, too), it’s that I never let grass grow under my feet. Whether I’m running to a panel or through the airport, one thing’s for sure: I’m always on the run!



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Being a fashion blogger and brand ambassador means I always need to be photo-ready. In the midst of high-energy events, there's no time to freshen up, so I’ve gotta be confident that my look is on point. From my kicks to my fro, everything has to be in tip top shape, and I’m surrounded by dozens of girls who agree that when you’re in the public, image is everything. 


Thankfully, Degree agrees, too. They understand that us ladies have zero time for sweat stains when we’re on the move. It ruins our clothes, ruins our photos, and is downright humiliating, am I right?! I’ve tried tons of products to help keep me dry throughout the day, but nothing compares to the Degree UltraClear Black+White Dry Spray antiperspirant with 48-hour protection (yes, y’all, 48 HOURS!).

I relied on Degree to keep me fresh during New York Fashion Week, where as you know, I worked non-stop for nearly a week to produce some amazing shows (that’s still unreal, by the way; catch my recap here). I hopped in and out of cabs and ran from venue to venue, working with artists and models to make sure Cantu’s show was one for the books. My Degree was a LIFESAVER! Or should I say, clothes saver. My black stayed black and streak-free, and my white made it through the week sans the embarrassing yellow pit-stains that ruin your clothes. You know how hard it is for me to keep my white shirts white?! Thank God Degree cooked up the perfect formula that helps me save money on my clothes. 


Most importantly, the formula is super gentle on my extra sensitive skin. I’ve gone through countless body washes, detergents, and deodorants to find something that works but isn’t too harsh. My skin breaks out in a heartbeat! It’s so annoying; I can't deal with rashes when I’ve got events to attend! So if you’re like me and have to be super picky about what you put on your skin, take it from MC; Degree’s your best bet.


Thankfully it’s super easy to get your hands on; stop by your local Kroger and pick up a few for your home and travel stashes. 


And I couldn’t share this amazing product without having a discount for you. Save $1.50 on any (1) Degree Women UltraClear Black + White product! Come back and let me know if you’ve tried (and loved) it! 


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