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Frizz is that you? Protective Style Maintenance

Melissa Chanel5 Comments
Frizz is that you? Protective Style Maintenance

Hold on girl, I think frizz is calling. As you may know, I'm growing my hair out! I can't wait to get back to my big fluffy fro and to help me get to that point I've been rocking protective styles. I mean, I've tried them all, the braids, twist, sew-ins, wigs and it's been amazing. But I wanted to come tell you guys that even though your hair is tucked away you still have to take care of it and protect it. Here are a few ways I take care of my hair, scalp, and combat frizz while rocking braids. 


These two products saved my life while rocking braids for the past three weeks. Here's how: 

Cantu's Tea Tree & Jojoba hair and scalp oil, I call it the life saver because that's exactly what it's  been over the past three weeks. My scalp gets really dry when I'm rocking protective styles and in order to keep the flakes away, I must keep it moisturized. So every two to three days I would apply this oil directly to my scalp and rub it in to make sure it was evenly dispersed. This cut down on the itching, helped protect my hair against breakage, and conditioned the scalp. And we all know Tea Tree and Jojoba promotes growth and that's what your girl needs! 

After getting my scalp right I moved on to the Anti-Frizz Smoothing Oil. I pumped a few squirts into my hair and rubbed my braids down, especially where I could see my color. I needed to make sure that was moisturized as well. This product also cut down on major frizz that can come when rocking braids. This is a smoothing oil and has argon in it, whoop! This is one of Cantu's newer products so check your local Sally Beauty and add this to your regimen if you're rocking braids. 


When rocking braids you also want to make sure you're tying your hair up at night. After applying my scalp and hair oil I tied my hair up using my favorite scarf (thanks, granny). Tying up the hair at night helps preserve your style. I probably could've lasted 4 weeks because I made sure my hair was tied up at night.

So just because you're rocking a protective style doesn't mean you don't have to take care of your hair that's tucked away. These two products worked perfect for me and will now be my go to when rocking braids. If you have really fine soft hair and need more of a hold, I have one more product to suggest, Cantu's Shine and Hold Mist. I always recommend this product to my friends with softer hair sometimes have issues with the style not holding up. It' gives your braids the shine and hair the hold it needs. 


If you're rocking braids or any protective style are you also taking care of your hair? 


Melissa Chanel