4 Inspirational Books to Add to Your Collection

4 Inspirational Books to Add to Your Collection

I made a personal goal at the beginning of 2015 and it was to read more. I can never sit still long enough to read a book because I'm always on the go. This year I vowed to take time out of my day, week, or weekend to just relax and read. I find myself enjoying a good book while traveling to a destination or on Saturday mornings. After reading they make great decor for my desk, lol. At the moment I love reading about fashion, personal style, as well as books I'll gain inspiration from. My goal is to make this blogging thing a full-time job. This is the only thing I enjoy doing and doesn't feel like work, so I need to read about amazing success stories or ways I can grow my brand. If you're looking for new books to add to your library or you're trying to become an entrepreneur like myself, here are a few of my suggestions. 

  1. Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruse - I mean if you're ready to be a boss and all, believe me Sophia has you covered. I could even read this book again and again. 
  2. Leave your Mark by Aliza Licht - Make a name for yourself & grind. THE END.
  3. Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia - Looking to build your closet and learn what pieces you need vs want, this book is for you. 
  4. My So Called Freelance Life by Michelle Goodman - I'm currently reading this book and I'm learning so much on how to start on my freelance journey and the issues I may run into on the way. I can't put it down.

As soon as I finish My So Called Freelance Life I'm thinking about grabbing I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones. I've been hearing so many great things about is all over social media. My goal is a book a month, I started off pretty rough but I'm ending the year with a bang. 

What are you reading right now? Feel free to leave some suggestions for me as well. 


Melissa Chanel