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For All My Sneaker Lovers

Melissa ChanelComment
For All My Sneaker Lovers

Are you a sneaker collector or love to wear them, style them, and pile them up in your closet? If so, this post is definitely for you, girl (or guy). I've had a love for sneakers ever since I was a young girl; I can remember my mom always putting me in cute sandals and dresses, but all I wanted was the newest pair of Jordans, just like my brother. The older I got, the more my love for sneakers grew, and by the time the time I was in high school, my sneaker collection grew, too. 

I've said a million times that I am not "sneakerhead," but I'm definitely a sneaker collector. If I find a cool pair and I can't stop thinking about them, I have to buy them. My closet has grown over the years with heels, flats, and booties, and every time I turn around, I'm adding more sneakers to the mix. The addiction is real! Lately, I've been really focusing on a need vs. want when it comes to purchases, so I try to buy only pairs I know I'll wear a lot and will keep forever. You guys are always asking about my collection: how I find the perfect pair, where I buy, how I shop for them, etc., so of course I had to share my secrets with you guys!


1. Research - Do your research. If you see a pair you like, make sure you know the release date and the sizing. Why? Because most popular sneakers nowadays sell out within seconds, and sizing varies among shoe brand. The sneaker culture now is totally different than what it used to be, but that's another topic for another blog post. I say that to say, make sure you jump on them early if you really want to add them to your closet. Call around to see which stores will be getting them in and what dates they'll be available. And do I even need to say this part? Check the price! Make sure your coins are together and readily available for a store run that morning, or make sure you can easily transfer the money to a friend (because you WILL need to have someone on standby ready to make the purchase as soon as the shoe drops...this isn't just for Beyonce tickets, people!) The sneaker chase is real, trust me. 

2. Browse- Window shopping is something I love to do, especially when I'm thinking about spending over $80 bucks on a pair of sneakers. I say browse first, try on your size to know if the shoe runs big or small. Make sure you don't see anything else you like while you're out before making that purchase. I always sleep on it. No impulse buying here unless it's a planned sneaker purchase. Once every two weeks, I like to check out Social Status, one of my favorite local spots here in Charlotte, to see what they have new in stock. 

3. Build Relationships - If you're planning on making sneakers purchases from one location, build relationships with the manager and/or workers. Get to know them, and they'll help you with release dates and let you know what time you should be in line for different releases. It's always great (and crucial!) to have a sneaker connect!

4. Purchase- Now it's time to make that purchase. After browsing around and deciding on the pair you want, buy them and play around with styling. You can never go wrong with a crisp white tee or button up and some Air Max or a crop top and Jordans, or even a faux leather skirt, graphic tee, and your favorite Vans. Even business casual wear looks nice with sneakers (a blazer and shell toe Adidas? Yes, please!).

You have to plan everything you do, even sneaker purchases. My most recent purchase was the Nike Air Max OG Red, and I was super lucky because these old out in probably, seconds. I've styled the perfect outfit to pair with them, too, so you have to stay tuned!