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MY Everyday Face

Melissa Chanel3 Comments
MY Everyday Face
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Let's talk makeup. I am no where near a makeup guru, but I know what I like and what works best for me. During the work week when I am wearing make up I like to keep it light. Maybe you're just like me or you're looking for items to use so I decided why not share my everyday face with you guys! 


I like to dab this on my dark areas and smooth it out with my finger. Normally this is all I use on the weekend's when I'm trying to give my face a break. 


I'm a mac girl, if you can't tell by the photo. This was the first line I was introduced to when I started wearing make up as an adult and I love it. I sometimes play around with Bare Minerals liquid foundation as well.  

Eyebrow Pencil 

This eyebrow pencil is the BUSINESS! I don't need much filling so I lightly brush my eyebrows and they're instantly fleeked out, as the kids say..haha. I really can't leave home without this pencil. 

Brow Set/Gel

After filling in my brows I like to make sure they're set with a good brow gel. This is something else I was introduced to early on and I can't get enough of it. 


I recieved this Covergirl "The Super Sizer" mascara in a recent curlbox and it's my go to. I even  put down my Too Faced and that was my all time fav! Reminder, don't sleep on the drugstore mascara. 


The fall/winter months are here and you know what that means right?! Dark, vampy lips are a must. I'm usually rocking my Sin, Cyber, or Diva this time of year but lately I've been hooked on Lady Danger. All by Mac of course, lol. 


I promise, I'm going to invest in some great bushes this holiday season. Right now I'm just using a target brush I've had for about two years. Any suggestions on a brush set? 

And that's about it guys. I don't really have time in the morning to put on eyeshadow or anything else. I usually put a little milk of magnesia as a primer so I won't get super oily throughout the day and that's about it. Yes, I said milk of magnesia, try it. 

I'd love to read what you use for your "everyday face," share it below. 


Melissa Chanel