Essence Festival Style

Essence Festival Style

I've been on the road like a mad woman lately with back-to-back events, video shoots... you name it, I've done it. I knew Essence Fest would be approaching quickly, so I made sure to grab outfits during each trip that would be fashionable but also help me keep cool in the New Orleans heat.

Ya’ll, “hot" wasn't the word. We were so worried about the rain and I believe it rained maybe 10 seconds of one day. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend in the Big Easy. If you missed what I was doing or who I attended Essence Fest with, check out my last blog post, here.

Okay, now on to the good stuff. I've been getting tons of messages about my outfits in New Orleans, and though I didn’t get to post them all on my Instagram, I'm so excited to share what I do have. 

Remembering how the flow of Essence Festival went last year, I knew more than anything I needed to be as comfy as possible. So, for the first day, I went with white destroyed denim shorts from American Eagle (my go-to for shorts; they have the best ever) with this multi-colored top from Zara. My girl M and I couldn’t pass it up when we saw it on the shelves. I decided to pair this outfit with my Adidas Stan Smiths, which are super cute and sooo comfy. As for accessories, I found the world’s noisest gold bangles at H&M (LOL), and some cute green sunglasses from Aldo. My ‘fit came out perfectly, and I even got a number that night. (So it’s safe to say I wasn't the only person who thought I was cute! Hahaha.)

Next up was my Friday evening look. After a full day of working at the convention center, it was time to hit the city and explore. I purchased this dress from Urban Outfitters a few days before arriving, and decided to wear it as a shirt instead of a dress just to give it a different look. Major wardrobe key, BTW! Always look to see if your dresses can be repurposed as tops to stretch your wardrobe a bit. Again, my shorts are from American Eagle, and I snagged the shoes off the clearance rack at Steve Madden during a recent trip to Charleston. Those gold bangles were noisy as hell, but man they came in handy all weekend! Instead of an oversized bag, I decided to wear my LV wristlet and just throw my stuff in my friends’ purses. (Get you a squad who supports your looks! LOL)

Sunday was the last day, so we went out with a bang. I had my pool party (you can also read about that in my last post) and it was Chance day (yes I saw my baby Chance the Rapper in concert again). I decided to wear my white American Apparel swimsuit (sold out) with my grey Squad Kimono from Pardon my Fro . It was perfect for walking around the pool party without feeling naked the whole time. So many people asked me about it, so of course I spread the wealth so we can all have one! (Use promo code MCPMF to get 20% off.)

After the pool party, it was time to get ready for Chance The Rapper. If you know me you know how much I love this guy, so I had to get cute for my boo. I know how chilly the Superdome can get, so I wore these bomb paper bag type pants that I snagged from H&M for 20 bucks with a purple bandeau top from Urban Outfitters. I topped off my look with the tan Steve Madden sandals again. 

My wig sooo came in handy for my nights out. I didn't have to worry about my hair being ruined for the next day because it was always protected under my wig. WIN, WIN, WIN. If you want more info on this wig, click here

Welp, that's all folks. Hope you got a little inspo for your own festival looks! If you’re feeling your Essence Festival style, tag @MelissaChanel on Instagram so I can see!

Until next time,